Social media is a great ‘force multiplier’ that can help extract more bang for buck from your online marketing strategy. Let us take a look at four popular social media websites that, if used properly, may boost the overall success of your Internet marketing strategy.




Creating a FB page for your business is the simplest and most effective way to popularize your brand and target existing and potential customers from all over the world. FB allows you to post updates, share links, images, memes, videos, and infographics with every single user who has chosen to follow your brand online.


The site also allows you to buy FB ads that can be used to target specified audiences at an affordable price. There are many persons who feel that Facebook’s role in Internet marketing has been overrated. However, the site is very popular and you just don’t have the option of ignoring this option when creating your online marketing strategy.




Why bother with YouTube when you can link videos to your Facebook page? Well, there are many who prefer watching videos online to surfing on Facebook. You just cannot afford to ignore this base of potential customers.


Secondly, YouTube, being owned by Google, will help you improve your search engine rankings through well-made videos combined with the right keywords and tags. While you can make videos on your own, it makes sense to use a professional Utah SEO firm to come up with the right title, description, keywords, and meta tags to enjoy maximum visibility online.




Creating multiple 140-character Twitter posts consumes less time as compared to creating and uploading Facebook or YouTube posts. From posting updates about your latest discount offer to posting links to information that your customers may find useful—Twitter lets you communicate a lot of information in just 140 characters.


Combining Twitter with YouTube and FB will help you target your audience base and convey the same message through multiple social media websites. To create a well-rounded online marketing plan, it is important to simultaneously focus on all three sites




It makes sense to include Instagram in your strategy because many web surfers prefer browsing through images instead of watching videos or reading FB and Twitter updates. Instagram allows you to utilize images, memes, and infographics to convey your Internet marketing message.


Using all the four sites at once may seem like a very difficult task. However, choosing the right Utah SEO firm will help you create a systematic and organized Internet marketing plan. Such an online marketing campaign will ensure you attract newer customers through all four sites at once.